Diary feather and honey powder, oil control, makeup, makeup, makeup, and concealer.

Product, net content, hot01 ivory white (cool white), hot02 natural white (cool natural color), B02 natural white (warm natural color, big oily skin version B02 warm natural white, big oily skin version B01 warm white, B01 white (warm, big oily skin version P01 cold white, 03 natural color (warm healthy complexion),,,

It smells like plastic. It's polyester at most. Fortunately, it's all cotton. The quality is very poor. The bed sheets are very good-looking. I like shopping in the mall. There is no color difference between the bed sheets and the pictures. The quality is also good. I like cotton very much. Most of the things in the family are bought. It's very good. It's very thin. The thin layer feels good and the price is affordable. Comfort level: fairly good, relatively thin. I like this design very much?.... Material features: 100 pure cotton. It feels a bit like tarpaulin. It's hard to say.... Taste: no taste, not bad......

Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

Mask artifact inner support silicone mouth and nose inner support anti stuffy makeup removal artifact 3D three-dimensional breathable children's support washable custom bodengju